Tracey is a Summer Girl.


Centuries ago, she fell for Keenan but like many others, she wasn’t the one he was looking for. She then became a Summer Girl, one of his unofficial wives or concubines. As one of the few Summer Girls named in the series, it can be presumed that she was quite close to Niall.

During the final war against Bananach, Quinn, the advisor who replaced Niall, was discovered to be a spy from the High Court. Aislinn ordered him to teach Tracey and the other concubines to fight. When Keenan left the Summer Court to be with Donia, Tracey was freed from the curse alongside all the other Summer Girls. However, she ultimately chose to remain in the court.

Physical appearanceEdit


She is said to be one of the weakest Summer Girls, But whether this means she’s physically or emotionally weak is unclear. Like most of her peers, she likes Niall and Seth. She looks innocent and fragile, but tried to seduce Seth into staying in her court, showing that she might be more cunning than she appears.