The Summer Court controls the essence of summer and is responsible for awakening the Earth after winter has passed. Summer is the opposing court of the Winter Court. It is known for being very volatile; it is the court of pleasure and passion.

Summer fey are often lighthearted and carefree, and many are capable of burning or other at their touch.

The Summer Court is the central court of most of the books.


The Summer Court currently has one reigning regent, the Summer Queen.

The Summer QueenEdit

Aislinn Foy is the current Summer Queen. Originally a mortal, she became the Summer Queen at the behest of Keenan, and originally viewed it only as a job. However, she became more attached to the Court, and successfully led it while Keenan was missing for more than six months. Her natural leadership ability and determination to care for her court gave Keenan the confidence to give up his title as Summer King, making her the sole regent and capable of killing Bananach.

Notable Summer FeyEdit


Summer GirlsEdit

The Summer Girls are those who Keenan chose during the time he played his and Beira's game, and who did not take the test. They are light-hearted, frivolous, attractive and, apparently, quite amorous.



Miach was Keenan's father and the former Summer King. He loved Beira, and was murdered by her nine centuries before the events of Wicked Lovely


Niall is a , and was Keenan's closest adviser prior to the events of Wicked Lovely. It was he who persuaded Keenan not to use force or coercion to convinced Aislinn to become the Summer Queen. During the events of Ink Exchange, Keenan manipulated Niall by allowing him to guard Leslie, subtly suggesting that he should woo Leslie, which put Leslie in harm's way and forced Niall to disobey an order from Aislinn to keep Leslie safe. Because of this, Niall left the Summer Court in anger and was handed the Dark Court by Irial, becoming the new Dark King.


The Summer Court has been weak for the past 900 years, due to Keenan's binding.