Vital statistics
Real Name Miach
Occupation Summer King
Species Fae
Status Deceased
Production details
First Appearance Wicked Lovely (mentioned)

Miach was Keenan's father and the Summer King. He was later murdered by his wife prior to the beginning of Aislinn's story.


His unnamed Father, who was briefly mentioned in Darkest Mercy, was the Summer King before him.

Miach took in Niall after the latter fled the Dark Court with physical and psychological scars from what he'd endured there. Miach allowed Niall to swear fealty to his court and fully recover from his trauma, but only on the condition that he never use or abuse a mortal sexually, or even touch them, as his touch was addictive to mortals and would only harm them.

At some point, nine centuries before the events of the main series, Miach fell in love with the Winter Queen, Beira, and was in an affair with her. However, due to the machinations of Bananach Miach was murdered by Beira, who lashed out at him in a fit of rage. Unbeknownst to Beira, at the time she was pregnant with Miach's son, who would become the next Summer King.

Physical appearanceEdit


Miach is said to have been a very fair and kind ruler of the Summer Court. In Ink Exchange, Irial remembers Miach having a fondness for lighting items on fire.



Not much is known about Miach's affair with Beira, other than that he truly loved her. 

Irial Edit

Miach is said to have been good friends with Irial. Irial remembers him fondly during the series, and shows sorrow (though not regret) at having had to bind Miach's son Keenan in the curse which lasted for over nine centuries.


Miach took in Niall after the latter left the Dark Court. Since he was friends with Irial, it is possible that he sheltered Niall at Irial’s request.