Vital statistics
Real Name Leslie
Occupation Student
Species Human
Age 19
Status Alive
Production details
First Appearance Wicked Lovely

Leslie is the human beloved of Niall and Irial.


Early LifeEdit

Her mother left the family some time before the beginning of the series, leaving Leslie and her brother alone with a neglectful, drunk father. Not long after their mother's departure both Leslie and Ren made some stupid choices, trying to forget about their horrible situation, which resulted in a drug-addiction for Ren and a 'wild phase' for Leslie, in which she had an unhealthy romantic relationship with Mitch.

Leslie's home life became increasingly unstable, with her father often unable to pay the bills, resulting in Leslie having to work shifts at a restaurant, Verlaine's, to pay them. Sometimes Leslie would have to help her father into his own room, as he was too drunk to properly walk there himself. Ren also paid the bills, through his drug-dealing business, but was more likely to squander his money on more drugs. Leslie never ate food or drank drink which was already open, because any open food or drink was probably spiked by Ren. Ren's drug-dealing friends often hung around his house, causing Leslie to feel even more unsafe at home. In addition to that, Ren also beat Leslie.

In the months after the events of Wicked Lovely, Leslie was set up by Ren to be raped by a group of dealers, just so Ren could pay for a drug he had bought. Leslie was severely depressed afterward and traumatized. She refused to reveal to anyone just how unsafe her personal life had become lately, as she didn't want anyone pitying her.           

Wicked LovelyEdit

Leslie first appears in Pins and Needles, where she is seen conversing with a tall, dark man. She approaches Seth and Aislinn, and chats with them for a while. She is the one who (while Seth is out of earshot) first tells Aislinn of Seth's love for her and encourages Aislinn to confess her own love for him and become his girlfriend.  

She, along with all of Aislinn's friends, is completely taken in by Keenan's charms and encourages Keenan to take Aislinn out on a date, though Aislinn is very resistance to the idea.   

Ink ExchangeEdit

Stopping TimeEdit

Darkest MercyEdit

Physical appearanceEdit


broken, courageous, determined, stubborn, fiery, smart



Niall Edit



Leslie is friends with Aislinn at the beginning of the series. However, after the events of Ink Exchange and the secrets Aislinn starts keeping from Leslie, their friendship becomes increasingly strained.