Vital statistics
Real Name Irial
Occupation Discord
Dark King (formerly)
Species Fae (Gancanagh)
Age Unknown (several millennia)
Status Alive
Production details
First Appearance Wicked Lovely

Irial (ear-ee-al) is the former King of the Dark Court. After Darkest Mercy, Irial takes Bananach's place as Discord.


Early LifeEdit

Wicked LovelyEdit

Ink ExchangeEdit

Stopping TimeEdit

Old HabitsEdit

Radiant ShadowsEdit

Darkest MercyEdit

Physical appearanceEdit

Irial is described in appearance as having dark hair and black eyes. He has dark, leathery wings large enough to enclose a person. At one point in the books Leslie describes him having, "liquid grace like had heard a different song than she did. His eyes were surrounded by dark shadows. He looked like he was surrounded by dark shadows, like the blue light glanced away without touching him. A sliver chain glinted against his shirt. Dangling from the chain was a razor blade." Clothing wise he is said to wear soft leather boots and silk shirts. He also has many tattoos, his name and lineage is spelled out on him and surrounded by stylized hounds. He is described as "sin in a suit" and gorgeous.

Irial is a Gancanagh, which makes him very addictive to mortals. The only time he has been nonaddictive is when he was King of the Dark Court and now Discord. Gancanagh are said to have an addictive toxin in their skin that makes the humans they seduce addicted to them. Normally, humans that are seduced by Gancanagh eventually die from withdrawal when the faery leaves them for other mortals.


Personality-wise, Irial has a swagger and attitude that suggests he knows how attractive he is to mortals and fey alike. He likes to dismiss threats of other court fey and is easily arrogant, spending time provoking both Niall and Keenan throughout Ink Exchange. He also flirts unabashedly with others in the books. Irial likes indulgent clothing and possessions. In Ink he dresses Leslie in a variety of silks and expensive shoes, and wears silk t-shirts and tailored trousers himself (in Stopping Time). At times, Irial can be seen as cruel and heartless for the decisions he makes to keep his court strong. For example, when he worked with Beira to bind Keenan (even though Irial considered Keenan's father Miach to be a friend), but throughout Ink Exchange Irial always tries to put his court first. When he realized he wasn't putting his court first, and that he was instead putting his affection for Leslie above all else, he then gave up his kingship to Niall so that his people would be better lead.